Dashel application

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Dashel application

Post  Dashel on Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:49 pm

1) Who are you? Please tell us your in-game name, class, lv , your alts names, alt character levels, server you are from, and the guilds they are or recently were in.

I am Dashel and im lvl 171 templar. My other chars are DickLongFlop 162 merc and Barristan 158 corr, but not really playing with them anymore. Atleast im trying to stick with my main only. Im originally from salamander server. Other guilds i have been...Saints, Benevolum, Orum and many others but recently i have been mostly just guildless or i have joined whatever guild Sweetperfection has dragged me. But those guilds are most fun guilds i have ever been.

2) Who do you know that is already in NineSigns or who are you expecting to meet once inside?

Not sure who are in guild but im posting this because Monster talked so nicely about Ninesigns. I have been playing this game for long time so i might regonize few names and others might know me...i hope. Im looking active guild with nice ppl to do stuff and not just sitting in hori to trashtalk each other =)

3) Have you read and agree to our guild rules?

Rules look simply and im ok with them.

4) Are you able to siege and or timed attack, or do you have any aversion to pvp? Do you have known enemies? (Do not apply if you do not pvp, we have a long history and a lot of enemies.)

I can siege and do time attacks usually. I dont pk or pvp much but i do not say no to fights either. I doubt that i have enemies but i really hope that there wuold be someone hating me


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Re: Dashel application

Post  Rukenshin on Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:07 pm

He has my vote. Join us on Teamspeak some time!


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Re: Dashel application

Post  Peachy on Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:33 pm

Hey Dashel,

I know your name, even though we don't know each other really at all.

I spoke to M0onsterSk1ll about you today as well, and he said you're friends, so it's a yes from me!

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Re: Dashel application

Post  SpastikChicken on Mon Apr 13, 2015 3:15 am

I remember Dash from Saints.

yes from me


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Re: Dashel application

Post  Daeshala on Mon Apr 13, 2015 4:42 am

I don't know you, but Ruke says yes that sways me to say yes. He's really persuasive.


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Re: Dashel application

Post  CrooksEvoK on Mon Apr 13, 2015 1:15 pm

Sure. as long as he can tank in our cube parties ^^


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Re: Dashel application

Post  lMONSTERl is SoHard on Mon Apr 13, 2015 6:36 pm

I won't argue with Rukenshin either. no issues here, but don't know you either! lol!

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Re: Dashel application

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