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Post  Peachy on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:23 pm

Hi all, I am already in NineSigns, but here is a bit about me:

1) Who are you? Please tell us your in-game name, class, lv , your alts names, alt character levels, and the guilds they are or recently were in.

I have been playing Rappelz since Epic 5, having started on Salamander server in April 2009. I was recently made an Officer in NineSigns, as well as the key holder for NineSignsJr, the alt/slave guild.

Here is a list of my characters, their levels and the guilds they are in:

TwilightSorceress, 161 MB, NineSigns
TwilightQuiver, 155 MM, NineSigns
TwilightPeach, 151 Oracle, NaomiesNinjas
TwilightSpirit, 151 Magus, Innuendo
TwilightEclipse, 156 Cardinal, NineSignsJr
PrincessPeach, 114 Priest, NaomiesNinjas
AnxiousTendencies, 3 Rogue, Leader of NineSignsJr
ChunderChunks, slave
FaecalMatter, slave
PlopFace, slave
Onomatopoeia, slave

2) Who do you know that is already in NineSigns or who are you expecting to meet once inside?


3) Have you read and agree to our guild rules?


4) Are you able to siege and or timed attack, or do you have any aversion to pvp? Do you have known enemies? (Do not apply if you do not pvp, we have a long history and a lot of enemies.)


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