Directions for Applying to NineSigns Guild/ Current Member Introduction

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Directions for Applying to NineSigns Guild/ Current Member Introduction

Post  Daeshala on Sun Nov 01, 2009 3:10 am

Follow these directions exactly or your application may not be reviewed or approved!
Please Note: If someone wishes to join the guild who is not at the current recruiting level, they may still apply. Sponsorship does not guarantee approval.
Copy these questions into a response post after registering at this forum (with your in-game name), and answer as best you can.

1) Who are you? Please tell us your in-game name, class, lv , your alts names, alt character levels, server you are from, and the guilds they are or recently were in.

2) Who do you know that is already in NineSigns or who are you expecting to meet once inside?

3) Have you read and agree to our guild rules? Also are you willing to leave all other guilds to join 9's?

4) Are you able to siege and or timed attack, or do you have any aversion to pvp? Do you have known enemies? (Do not apply if you do not pvp, we have a long history and a lot of enemies.)

Applications can take about 1-2 weeks to process, we appreciate your patience and we will contact you with further questions or once we have reached a decision. If you would appreciate privacy in your application please copy these questions and message lMONSTERl is SoHard here in the forums. Thank You.

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