Topic Locked Concerning The great "Rip Off"

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Topic Locked Concerning The great "Rip Off"

Post  FootSwitch on Mon Feb 20, 2012 7:19 pm

Well, I considered weather to bother and post this or not but... well here it is.

I am one of the people who were scammed by Shaja. I lent him 120mill. I am the kind of guy that will help as much as my ability allows me to. I am kind and will continue to be kind even if you have wronged me. I had considered not bothering with this since it seems to have gone very badly. However, if there is a "fund" for those who were scammed I would appreciate dipping into the fund. I did not even know this had happened until yesterday when I started looking through the guild list to see if he was on. Then I asked in guild chat and was told about the great rip off. I was also told I should have read the forum. Well I do read the forums and of course had not seen this. Wouldn't have mattered anyways since I believe I gave him the cash before all of this happened.

If the fund is no longer available, no big deal 120mill isn't much these days in this game.


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