Back and tired as ever :s

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Back and tired as ever :s

Post  ThisIsBS on Tue Apr 26, 2011 10:42 am

So, as it stands I lost all of my internet-ing privileges about 3-4 months ago (or something like that) and I just remember a ton of fighting between everyone, so I hope everything's nice and peachy in the guild now Razz

Anywho if months of skipping between hobbies has taught me anything, it's that drawing is only entertaining to a certain extent and you can only binge on running and console games for so long before they lose their appeal, so I'm back to playing league for now and I'll see if having wifi back'll lead to anything.

If anyone here still plays league, add me and my cousin sometime! Very Happy if not, again I hope everyone's nice and well put together again, keep goin strong ninesigns!


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