Wine, Cheese but no smell (seher's app)

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Wine, Cheese but no smell (seher's app)

Post  Seher on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:06 pm

Hi everyone Smile I was thinking u could use some french experience around here.

1) Who are you? Please tell us your in-game name, your alts names, all character levels, and the guilds they are or recently were in.
I'm Seher, 139 BS.
I was recently in Prophetie, and in Angha befor that (question 4 for more infos)
The only alt i may play is Avicenne 120 Preist. currently naked, but i'll be very active with it when i hit r7. Not to mention i may seige with him depending on the amount of healers available for a seige in particular.

IRL: my name is Kamel, but most of my friends call me Coco (which is where my pet's name come from). I'm 21 yo, Atheist (dont get me started on religion) and I live in Paris where i study Genetics and Molecular Biology.
I like Metal, and stupid TV shows (Arrested Development, IASIP, 30ROCk etc)
Hope i'll get to know all of you. GZ for reading this. shhhh, let's see how many people find it.

2)Why do you want to join NineSigns?
I wanna join NineSigns because I know Daeshala is a great leader. She's nice and protects her guildys.
I also have a few friends in NineSigns like ApocalypseHealer, u know.. that soldier/SB/bishop, depending on what time it is :3

3) Are you available for Timed Attacks and Sieges (dates and times can vary, but TA's are usually given in split times to accomodate everyone)?
I am available for seiges and TAs. I usually dont do TAs coz of the lag that makes me useless, which is very different in seige, trust me.

4) If you are leaving your current guild, please explain why:
where to start: I was in Angha for 7 months, which was a very friendly guild, but not very active (which is why i left). I left Angha to join Prophetie where i stayed 8 months (almost 9 months), and was made representative of the guild.
When Aion came out, a lot of people from FrenchTouch became inactive which made the alliance weak coz everyone was left alone in his own guild. So we decided to organize a Gathering of FrenchTouch in Prophetie. This worked for about 2 months.
Unfortunately, prophetie's way of working is one leader taking the decisions, and gathering with some chosen guild memebers to discuss them. That was fine for me as long as the decisions were logic and justified.
But because of some decisions (which i will not talk about here out of respect for Prophetie's privacy) the tension started rising in the guild untill i couldnt stand it anymore and left.
This kind of superficial problems really poisoned the game for me, which is why, from now on, i only want to have fun, a mere kiling and dping machine (seige seige seige)

5) If we have any questions, what is the best time of day we can reach you in game?
I usually play from 5pm to 5 am GMT+1 (Paris time) and check forum 2-3 times a day.

It would be a privelege for me to join NineSigns.
I also give free French kissing lessons (bring a doll)

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Re: Wine, Cheese but no smell (seher's app)

Post  Mystic on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:20 pm

approved contact Dae for your add

you should now be able to see the members only section as well

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