Application & Apologize

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Application & Apologize

Post  Francisco on Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:18 am

1) Who are you? Please tell us your in-game name, your alts names, all character levels, and the guilds they are or recently were in.

Hello. I'm Francisco Sáenz (Borned at La Rioja, España). These is Francisco (Ex-Faith Member) due to the violation of account of this guy "Frankiieh". I just wanted to make a general apologize to all NineSigns specially to Shocker, DominaTricks, Ravenmist, Mystic for all the troubles this guy caused. My situation isn't the best one of all and here's a little late, so i'll try to make this quickly. 3 weeks ago (before joining Faith) i was navigating through Rappelz forums in search of ceratain guides (since they're fun, yeah i'm addicted) so i started searching and ended in the topic of "[GM]Itoki". Unfortunately, i was in search of a guide that asked for a "log-in" requirement (of course with information) but it had the "Rappelz" logo so i didn't payed much attention to them. I just typed down all the data, and from there all the troubles started. I was PMed by Momba (Faith Leader) for being accepted in Guild (I didn't send application) i thought it was a coincidence so i accepted. During the next 2 weeks, the problems started to launch in a low form, there was a guy calling people with "-sama, -san, -chansua (or something like that japanese nicks)" and i didn't get conscious of that. Other thing was the last 3 days i wasn't on seems i was going for vacation for Christmas with my family, but i was called urgently my Momba (Faith Leader) to inform me there was a guy saying that don't trust my own character (He was logged in) and he was gonna delete it, begging for stuff, bla bla. It sounded to me very rare since i just stay at ventrilo most of the times playing music, and people started telling that these "guy" started getting connected during 24 hours a day (dammit) i just play 6 hours a day, i do have a sickness like he put at the other post (i don't know how he know) and is Dull Migrain (Which i can't be exposed too many hours to radiation, sound, sun, lights, noises, stress, etc). So i entered inmediately and transfered all the stuff to a new account. The thing is, i don't use alt characters, so i do never change my main name "Frankiieh - Character" everytime i want to make a new character i just "detele + create (with same name)" so there's no mess up. The thing is, thanks to god, this hacker didn't took anything, but he was camping my "Genie Pet" since it was being plvled by a friend until (130 Cap) so he say that stuff to Momba that i mention before.

2)Why do you want to join NineSigns?

Believe it or not, it was true i'm a big friend of "DungeonFire (I still don't know how this guy know about my life to be sincere)" knowed him from long time ago. And i was building my own ladder "step-by-step" to reach the hill in order to gather enough goals to be able to apply into "NineSigns". I know we have these problem and i'm really asham, but i do really think i'm able to change the opinion of all people here and all i want is a second chance (even if the first wasn't mine) in order to prove i'm not wrong. I want to be part of these family more than anything, even if the things didn't worked out very well with the last issue. Even if not my fault i'll the full responsability since i give my information, and i promise to all NineSigns it won't happen again. I'm a very dedicated player and i think i'll be an excellent add to this Group. I must be sincere, i don't know anyone here (at least not enough for call a friend or mate) but i do know they're great persons, specially Shocker for talking to me after all that during game. So i ask to all NineSigns to give me a second chance to prove i'm able to change your minds about the last issue that happened. It'll be a new start, from "0%" to demonstrate i'm the person anybody at NineSigns wants to meet with the time (I'm very social). But as you know, spanish people have a bad mood when it comes to confront a problem (xD) so well. I hope this have a happy ending

P.D. I'm still waiting for a response of Galanet (Requested them to transfer the character to a new account, i don't think that's possible though). So the most probable thing is that i'm gonna have to remake, but to show my dedication, i'm gonna level him to r5 in 7 days (even if it affects my health) in order to prove my loyalty to NineSigns.

3) Are you available for Timed Attacks and Sieges (dates and times can vary, but TA's are usually given in split times to accomodate everyone)?

I'll be avaible (Any TA) but needa be announced with at least 1 day of difference so i can add that hours to my (6 hours / Day) gameplay. That doesn't mean i'm limited to play "6 hours / Day" it means it is temporaly for now (Until the threatment ends).

4) If you are leaving your current guild, please explain why:

I don't want to cause Momba more troubles than she've got for now. She's a very busy leader and of course one of the most responsable ones (nothing personal). In my opinion, Momba is one of the best persons in this game, taking care of people like if they were their sons (Thanks Mom). I'm not here to give her problems from when i join all've been stressed due to this issue.

5) If we have any questions, what is the best time of day we can reach you in game?

I'm connected most time of the day (Yes, but AFK). I'm in vacations at the moment, so it'll be easily to contact me. Even though i'll update after vacations are over so there are certain hours in which i may be contacted for any doubt/ta/siege/etc.

Saludos Cordiales,


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Re: Application & Apologize

Post  Daeshala on Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:02 am

Both accounts Frankiieh and this one are from the same IP. Sorry buddy but you're caught out, IP's don't lie. Both accounts are made from the same computer and therefore the same person, not some hacker. We had a long discussion with several people, and I'm not allowing you in NineSigns. I'm telling you now, publicly, to LEAVE ALL MEMBERS OF THIS GUILD ALONE. Don't pm anyone in game, don't bother us here. Any further attempts to bother us where my members complain will be taken to the apropriate authorities at or depending on the location of occurence.

To my members: Please screenshot any further unwanted contact with this character in game, post your screens here in the members only area.


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