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Re: umm...

Post  Zzerase on Sat Sep 18, 2010 12:00 pm

Umm i jus want to post my opinion on this...

It was not right for Pokai to leave during that time, personally i felt sad that he did.

BUT, considering his schedule, he barely plays anymore. Sure he was the "PK king" back then when he had the time, but during that war, he did not have the time. His time was precious, he had to use it to level up so he can actually party with all of us again. When was the last time Dae and Pokai actually partied together? Only reason pokai is 137 is due to the new quests (no offense Pokai XD). Most of us R7 did it the hard way after Epic 6 with the boosted exp. And Dae? wow she reached R7 the extreme hardcore way (old school before epic 6) when every mob prolly gave her like 0.00001% each kill even at 140s..(exaggerated lol) just like Dom and Sh0cker.

Pokai was my level back then when we were able to PT together and still in valuins,, due to his RL schedule he has trailed behind, his current lvl can prove to that.

Considering the time that people want to invest in the game, if Pokai at the time wanted to level up more instead of to PK, i'd respect that aspect of it. The reason he left is pretty clear to me, in order to actually play he had to. With W7 on his ass each time, how could he? Not all of us who could fight back are on ALL the time and available ALL the time. We can't honestly say we will come protect your PT whenever W7 was PKing. I'm sure that the whole war took a toll on everyone, so I hope you will reconsider and think again on Pokai's app. With my sincere plead, I really hope you can look past what happened and accept Pokai back as a family, cuz thats how I feel about him.

Thank for reading my rant Very Happy

O...and yes the biba has my Yes vote Smile

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Re: umm...

Post  Pokai on Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:28 pm

Mystic wrote:
Pokai wrote:well you wanna know what my reasons were.. ok..
-so after i got back from a break(due to work daily schedule) from the game (3 week vacation from work) i got my schedule fixed a bit got small time to play at noon and at night.
if i took that time to enjoy rappelz for at least a lil bit each day id like to take the most advantage of that time.. (farming, dp.. or whatever). which with the ongoing war that could not be posible.
not to mention at least 5-6 ss and crackers wasted due to being pked.. (part of that bought with real money..) that really pissed me off.
-paying for others consequences.. yes, you could remain neutral on it.. but you think the others would care? they pked me even after i told them "dont involve me in this, im neutral"
answer i got was "yes you do.. look at your guild tag".... wtf?
-something else to mention was guild management, i respect Dae and every single desicion she makes with the guild. but at that time she was away due to personal problems.. i saw Ginvits to people that didnt even apply here.. (i know there are some special voting and all that.. but i didnt see any of that).
-and yes ive tryed to backup many times in the past, but this one was way too much for me, remaining neutral had no effect.. so option left was a temporal gleave (thing i stated in guild chat before i left).

wanna know anything else?? just say..
anyway.. either you vote yes or vote no.. any of my close friends that posted here feel free to contact me and let me know how this application went Wink

paying for others consequences. lol you got 2 -3 ,000 pk's you think any of those players have attacked a 9's because of your pking them .... lol w7 was attacking 9's all over the place sant , island , toa . ask vash how many times she died from taco , torg and a few others ... only way to stop it was to stand together and feed it back to them !!!

i was passed guild lead at the time of the day and a half war because Dae did not want to deal with w7 noobs pm-ing her and no one was added to this guild ever with out her saying to add them ...

you chose to stand alone and not help defend others in this guild every one in the guild was told of the coming war and were told not to pop for a few days .we were going to go to war with them sooner but there was that xp event and i held the war till it was over and had full blessing from dae to announce it to emo . i guess a little xp is worth more then standing with your brothers & sisters .

my vote is unchanged at this time i am still thinking on it
first.. i dont use ts or vent.

second., my pking never caused a guild war or anything to any guildie as far as im concerned

third.. orly? can you explain the invite of an 14x sin (miscreation)? even tho its was his little brother or whatever.. there was never a aplication on this forum.. thats my point.

fourth.. yes as i previously said i was standing neutral on this.. i think its pretty clear (neutral = on nobodys side..) never asked for guildies to defend me.. or helped defend or anything.. i just shoved it up my ass when i got atacked and else.... till i couldnt hold it anymore.. reason of my gleave.

something else??

thanks mates for the support. Smile

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Re: umm...

Post  Clutch on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:31 am

It's a game and people take it way too seriously. The war was a prime example of what taking a game too seriously can do. It was pointless and I don't blame anyone for not wanting to be a part of it. Had we hunted all W7, a lot of their members would have left, too, and they certainly wouldn't have been let back in because of some false notion of disloyalty. I'd like to say we are better than W7 and want to have fun rather than take the game so serious that we get mad at others because they felt that their enjoyment of the game was being pointlessly hindered. I see no legitimate reason that Pokai should be denied re-entry into NineSigns. *pokes pok*


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Re: umm...

Post  Gothangel77 on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:17 am

Ok guess it is time for my 2 cents yay me.Just a few points to made just this is making me sick to see Pok my long time friend treated this way .

1.Pok has been a very long time friend and guild memeber.
2.Pok had the right to g/leave cuz when this war started all guildies was told they could if they wanted till after the war by Dae which happens to the leader imagine that.He had few weeks pryor been hacked and was tring to relvl a rp he had to sell to replace his staff that was stolen i know cuz i am the one who helped and gave him a rp closer to evo 3 so he could dp and not have to be stuck farming and he could level and dp with me...
3. Pok has always defended us in our time of need dunno how long mystic has been here but pok at one time left guild to go on a pk spree to defend us so we didnt have heat come down on us and cause a war for us he took it all so that should be a first clue there was much more to his g/leave.
4.He had Rl reasons and that should be god enough.
5.I have been talking to pok the whole time since he has left and had stated to me how little time he has to do anything he always said how much he missed us and the game and had no time to play.
6.If u ever payed atttention even before the war he barley ever logged in for that just reason but i know u and anyone else voting no probally never did .
7.And yes i to have a problem that miscreation was invited with no vote and Yotzibe even pleaded with you not to invite him for things and problems he has caused her and she told you she was going to be force to gleave and all u said was bye to her and i find that so rude no concideration was taken for her an already long time guild member and you chose him over her
8.In the end this all boils down to dae is leader and has to right to invite pok back even if you say no u say it like a threat that just cuz u say no he is not allowed in and well don't work that way.Pok has many many more votes yes to your 1 no soooo dae ginvite Very Happy
9.Last i checked durning that war not many of us got to dp u took a vaction also as in didnt play much and it was Dae Pi0 and my myself in Sanctuary defending our guild in war which happened to be the day the war ended so i guess we defended our guild well all seen was a tons of complaing about the war i have so many more views of the whole thing but in the end it will cause problems.
I usually do not voice my opinion on much but this has got on my nerves pok should have no problems comming home IMO if it even matters and pok to you i say i am so sorry for the direspect you have been shown i had no idea it would happen i feel bad cuz i pressured you all the time to come home hugz you know where to find me if you need to talk and u better or i will spamm u Very Happy .....

Sooo if you have not noticed my vote is HELL YES

Pok i lubs you and you r so very very welcome to come back i am so glad my weeks of beggin you to come home payed off cuz i missed you so much hugz

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Re: umm...

Post  Todash on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:34 am

I'll make mine short and sweet. YES!

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Re: umm...

Post  Calabos on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:43 am

i honestly have to say if i just have so little time to play like pok i had done the same during this war.

(means yes also^^)

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Re: umm...

Post  Vashtii on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:44 am

Goth has a point...Dae did say that anyone could leave if they wished to avoid the war and would be welcomed back by her at the end. This point pretty much overturns the objections of, "he left us."

I'm still with poke, and I agree with many above that he is a good friend of mine, and I hate that we are even arguing over him coming back to the guild, just makes me so sad.

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Re: umm...

Post  Sealing on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:52 am

i did the same thing as pok did and i was welcomed back. so i see no problems with pok getting a reinvite Very Happy

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Re: umm...

Post  Daeshala on Sun Sep 19, 2010 11:53 am

I'm going to say the following things:

Miscreation was billed as the alt of Xcalabur, 110ish wl, which stated he was Manny in the application. That application was up for several days and was not voted against. He was NOT added to the guild without a vote, but people didn't realize who it was, or didn't read that application. This is not Mystic's fault that people were not reading the applications section and checking who was coming in. Also, Mystic was not told to *not invite anyone* so after normal application time, he was added. This would be my fault to not communicate this to him, but I was having a serious problem, and to be honest, real life first. Yotz is the longer standing member, so after I found out what happened, I explained the situation to the person involved, and he /gleaved of his own accord to respect yotz, and she was reinvite. That whole situation is over and done with. The result is that I will not invite anyone without the minimum 5 day wait, and no one should be allowed in, not even alts, unless I am the leader at the time doing the inviting. If that means you will have to wait a week to get an alt moved around because I am on vacation, I'm sorry, but convenience has cost us this luxury now.

Secondly, if Pokai was being attacked, and we were unable to prevent it, and it happened several times and it caused him to /gleave, I don't see that as any different from xXSanoXx's situation. He got pked 10 times in 1 hour by Taco, and he took his tag off so Taco would stop harassing him. We have since re-added him.

Wild Seven threatened /gkick to people who didn't help them PK, it wasn't even a voluntary act for some of them. They harassed their own members to do this war, and I feel terrible for their members that their leadership forced them to do this. I don't want to do the same kind of thing here and punish people who were being harassed into a corner by these asses.

Being honest, at the time that Pokai left, I felt abandoned by him and the people that did leave. But that was temporary, and a one time act that I'm willing to get over, and it seems to me the majority of the guild wants to see him return. So forgive me Mystic and Maeven, but I am going to use my trump card here. Rule #9 states final decision on membership admission lies with guild leaders, I'm guild master and I'm going to admit Pokai if he asks me for a /ginvite.

This topic is closed and not to be reopened.


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Re: umm...

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