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NineSigns Guild Rules Empty NineSigns Guild Rules

Post  Daeshala on Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:57 pm

These rules are subject to change either to reflect the needs of the guild, or for the comfort of the community. Please read them and be ready to accept them before you apply.

1. NineSigns Guild is created in the spirit of a group of Rappelz players who would like to do their best. In this respect, you must seek to get the most from your character. You must be an active participant in dungeon parties when you attend (no leeching or tab+f1) and you must strive to behave in a manner that will reflect well on the guild. Scammers, Cheats, Hackers, Spys and their ilk need not apply, they will not be accepted and will be removed upon discovery.

2. PK is allowed, but not as a form of entertainment except in mutually agreed upon PK areas, such as horizon bridge. Please PK sparingly and after attempts to communicate to your opponent have proven unfruitful. People who excessively pk to the point a war is brough upon us may be removed from the guild to stop the war, so please, think before you flag.

3. Guild chat, Forums and TeamSpeak are for all members, however all members agree that adult/distracting content may from time to time come up, viewing/listening is at your own risk. You may be a member of the guild without reading guild chat, a member can help you block it out if need be. TeamSpeak has one special guideline: During an event or if we have guests in TS we ask that conversation level is kept at 13-year-old's appropriate language. Members and guests may use our communcations tools in a manner that doesn't harm anyone or detract from other's gaming experiences. Predatory or demeaning behavior of any kind is not tolerated and will be swiftly dealt with by the Guild Leader, Forum Moderator(s) of TS Administrator(s). These are the same people you would reach out to should you have a complaint along these lines that needs to be adressed.

4. All characters and pets must be OB, with the exception of belt pets. If it wasn't upon entry to the guild, please do so going forward. It really does make a difference, and in the instance of a pet, it can mean several million ruppees in resale value.

5. All characters must log in at least once every 14 days. If you will be away longer than that, please notify a guild leader, or post a note of the AFK topic in the members area. Any character over 14 days without log in and without explanation will be removed.

6. All members must register on this forum with their in game name and an active and regularly checked email account. This is for communications strictly for the guild, and will not be sold, rented, distributed or otherwise used except for this purpose. Please set mail filters to accept mail from NineSignsGuild(at!)

7. Please remember your guild is your family in Rappelz. Treat each other with respect and kindness. Offer guildies a nicer deal, or even freebies before going to sell things on open market. Offer guildies positions in your parties before you offer them on global shout. If you must correct something a guildie is doing, please do it in pm so as not to embarass them.

8. In that same line, begging and leeching of goods and cards and service from the guild is not allowed, you must give too. If we help each other, it will make the guild much stronger. A Swap Shack is provided in the Members area to help you reach a deal. Remember, the higher level people in guild worked long and hard for what they have, they are not under an obligation to give hand outs.

9. Listing of Leadership-Level Decisions:
Decisions regarding the acceptance, removal or dicipline of a member rest solely with the guild leaders.
Decisions about the use of dungeon proceedes are also at the discression of the guild leaders.
Decisions that are made only by the guild leaders and alliance guild leaders are: siege target, times and dates of timed attacks.

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NineSigns Guild Rules Empty Re: NineSigns Guild Rules

Post  Daeshala on Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:47 am

I am leaving the old rules up here, for a basic reference, there are still some good ideas about how to behave in there. But here is the basic guidline of the new NineSigns:
No Bitching.
No Drama.
No Begging.
No Failing.

We are NineSigns, we should act like it. Live up to the legends that have come and gone before us. If you flag up, be prepared to back it up. Yourself. I am not riding to anyone's rescue anymore, and I shouldn't need to. Be prepared to stand on your own two feet, look death in the eye, and SPIT. If you can do that, you will be fine here.

Daily guild disputes will be resolved by senior officers who are online at the time, If something happens while I am off I appreciate screenshots.

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