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Guild Warehouse

Post  ravenmist on Tue Jul 06, 2010 12:02 am

for the chosen ones for Rank4 there will be some rules about Guild Warehouse(GWH)

- you cant take money from the GWH this until we get at least 1m.... after that u can take loans (week tax doesnt count when paying the loan)
- No Armors/Weapons on GWH, this is to prevent fulling it, if u have any weap/armor for guildies, ask them if they need it, if not, sell them
- when need some material for weapon/armor making be sure to replace them asap
- some material can be obtained by disarming other materials (like thread for example) so this kind of items are not permiten on GWH

for now thats all
feel free to use the GWH items

Rank3 and Rank2 can take a look at the GWH but has to ask if need something to G/Master or Rank4

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