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Post  ravenmist on Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:46 am

1) Who are you?
well im Ravenmist 113 Battle Summoner my alts name finish with "mist" if theres someone with "myst, myyst, miist" is not me xD theres Tigermist lvl 65 SoulBreeder and DarkRavenmist lvl 52 Stryder, i have been playing since Epic2Beta so im from oldSchool (not the guild) i was in FiveDragons, then move to Myst in HOPE alliance, and the last guild was Evasion ^^ im From Mexico.

2)Why do you want to join NineSigns?
well so far i have made so many friends and the idea of being part of a guild where my friends are, is so great, and also a strong and unite guild that im sure it will be, as the rules says it will be a family of Rappelz xD

3) Are you available for Timed Attacks and Sieges (dates and times can vary, but TA's are usually given in split times to accomodate everyone)?
OF COURSE!!!!!! is so fun the TA and Sieges no matter the results is fun, im available for both TA and Sieges

4) If you are leaving your current guild, please explain why: well i leave Evasion cuz was dieing, was all alone in lastest weeks no one to make pt no 1 to chat and so, was fun, was great to be there but u cant live allways in the same part, as part of the game you need to move on, and meet new ppl, and new things xD that makes the game more fun and interesting

5) If we have any questions, what is the best time of day we can reach you in game?
well if i have nothing to do in the day ill be on, but im most part of time at afternoon and night,

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