PeeterPan apply =)

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PeeterPan apply =)

Post  PeeterPan on Tue Nov 17, 2009 9:48 pm

1) Who are you?
My ingame name is PeeterPan 108 sb, i'm from mexico, i'm 20 years old (almost 21 xD) i like to watch the sunset on beach, romantic dinners and stuffed bears... jk! i'm pretty much a simple guy, i study psichology, i have a gf, ahm, and i'm very sociable =)

2)Why do you want to join NineSigns?
becaues all my friends are in there, Ravenmist, Yotzibe and Astaroot, and i want to know more ppl and make guild dp, and i'l feel lonely...

3) Are you available for Timed Attacks and Sieges (dates and times can vary, but TA's are usually given in split times to accomodate everyone)?
well, i could go to siege, but i'm not sure about TA's, because of school and homework, but if i can i'll do it

4) If you are leaving your current guild, please explain why:
i was in Ascendancy, and i left becaues they always were afk, or like, i asked a question and everyone ignored me, plus there were no parties with guildies

5) If we have any questions, what is the best time of day we can reach you in game?
everyday, like 3pm (from here) to 10 pm or later (if weekend)


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