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Post  Boily on Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:53 pm

Hello all   sory if i dont post  at the god  place   im  noob whit forum   ,

i whanted tell you   i going take a  smaler break   of rapelz for clean  my 2  laptop   becaus i have got a  (virus) and my 2 laptop    have allot probleme  ^^

so        i   re instal   windows on my 2 computer  so i ned  maby 1   or 2 week  offline of the games  Sad  

i  see you in games moste faster i can    Very Happy    

Tchow  all Very Happy   see you soon  whit   my 2 computer cleen  Very Happy  

XoXoX   love all Very Happy      

                                                  Boily Very Happy


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