Rules of NineSigns of Dragon Oath 2

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Rules of NineSigns of Dragon Oath 2

Post  Daeshala on Tue Mar 17, 2015 8:45 pm

1) Aerlynn is a very busy lady. Please understand she doesn't online very much and when she does online she wants to play just like anyone else so... NO DRAMA please.

2) Please do not PK without a good reason, and avoid pking large war guilds if at all possible. This includes avoiding events which would cause war guilds to go after you, like Pet Hill and Tomb Raider.

3) Observe the Terms of Service of the game. Don't sell accounts, don't trade accounts. If you share an account understand that no one can help you if you get scammed, because its against the TOS.

4) Don't ask for officer titles unless you have done something amazing to deserve it. These titles can change any time for any reason, including me being in a bad mood. DO feel free to add me on Raptr, Facebook, or pm me on this forum when you want trader title.

5) Relax and have fun, we only live once and we never know when the server will shut, so just enjoy it Smile


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