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Post  Escalion on Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:26 pm

Hey folks, Escalion here, most of you will have seen me around lately.

1) I am Escalion, formerly known as xRyuu, Clypse, Starcke, xSeven xNine and a couple more. I' ve played from E4 to E6 and then had a long break after getting hacked - and came back about a month ago.

2) I knew Peach back when i played in E4-E6 and he was kind enough to introduce me to the guild. Im looking for a place to call home, a group of buddies. To both meet the challenges this game brings as well as hang around drunk. Possibly both at the same time.

3) I have indeed. No Bitching. No Drama. No Begging. No Failing. Lets do this.

4) I like pvp. I have a history with Warlord, Immortals and Sinners. Due to my current job I cannot make any promises regarding sieges but will surely join when I am available.


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Escalion's Application Empty Re: Escalion's Application

Post  Peachy on Mon Mar 16, 2015 5:05 pm

You were in Warlord too? I never knew. I was in that guild too - up until it fell apart.

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