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Updating look/feel of forums Empty Updating look/feel of forums

Post  Daeshala on Sun Mar 08, 2015 11:08 pm

I'm back in Rappelz. Rukenshin and lMONSTERl are helping me out as leaders and we've got a few new things going on. First, we do finally have a TeamSpeak, thanks to lMONSTERl's generous donation. Just log on game for the info, or pm me privately if you are playing another game but would like to log in and hang out. Second, I am working on the look of our forums and revamping it to take care of our new needs. I will be archiving our old posts so they are still accessible but not drowning out our "new business". If someone who actually know what they are doing would like to help, feel free to message me. Surprised  Third thing, this has been around a little while, but we do have a facebook group where I do announce sieges and any other in game events. Feel free to message me for invite for that too. I look forward to finally getting things off the ground, the end is in sight for all the things that went wrong with my life before that made me stop playing, and I am getting back to the good stuff at last.

Hugs and peanut butter-

Updating look/feel of forums Fss
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