Everything I know about getting into this game.

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Everything I know about getting into this game.

Post  Daeshala on Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:07 pm

So you want to play TLBB Viet? Cool, only problem is, its a real pain to get signed up for the game. I guess we'll do the easy part first. http://www.tinhkiem.us/Download/ is where you get the client. The English patches are sporadic and do slow your machine down, and are not complete, so its a good idea to know some people who are already there who can help you "fill in the blanks".

Next, you want to try to sign up for an account.THIS is the hard part. You need a Vietnamese telephone number to accomplish this. Now obviously I am not Vietnamese, so what I did was first read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_numbers_in_Vietnam and then I searched for hotels in Vietnam and varied the numbers a little until I got one that worked.

Ok so you go to this link http://id.game4you.us/manage/#Register and it will look like this:

Just fill that out and make sure when you select a server you use Tam Kiem or you won't be on with the guild NineSigns. Keep trying phone numbers until you get a working one, and then you can log in and enjoy Dragon Oath with a lot less drama and many more free things. Like the topic title says, this is EVERYTHING I know about the subject. If you have further problems the chances I can help are not big, but hey, post below this message and maybe someone does know.


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